TransferSmart | Let's make Pharmsmart cost neutral!


Case Study #1:
£16,000 saved across a group of 30 branches!

Key Features

unused cd

Unused CDs detected! Transfer to Shop 9!

Transfersmart will automatically identify branches with unused stock and tell you where they should be transferred!

head office overview

Head Office Overview

The Head Office can also run regular transfer recommendation reports to ensure maximum cost savings!


Huge cost savings from minimal work

We found in Case Study #3, a pharmacy group of 35 had £76,000 of excess CD stock (and this doesn't include non-expensive items!)

unused pharmacy

Short-dated stock and unused pharmacy items

Once you’ve added all unused or short-dated stock to your list, other pharmacies in your group can see these and request these to be transferred over.

You can also add items like unused folders, bottles and containers, or any other pharmacy consumables.

clear audit

Clear audit of transfers

Transfersmart creates clean and clear audits so you can easily see who initiated and accepted the transfer, trace the movement of stock from branch to branch and assess the huge cost benefit to you.


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