CDsmart | The Most Powerful Electronic Controlled Drugs (CD) Register


The most powerful electronic
controlled drugs register. Period.

Key Features

legal secure

Legal, Safe & Secure

CDsmart complies with all statutory requirements and gives you peace of mind with:

  • Instant fail-over
  • Automated real-time backups
  • AES-256 SSL end-to-end encryption
  • IP restriction
  • Threat Vision Protected
  • ISO 27001 (ISMS) certified
MsAfee Secure
smart discrepancy detection

Smart Discrepancy Detection

Identifies common issues and prevents and alerts you of:

  • Calculation errors
  • Duplicate entries
  • Entries in the wrong register
  • Wrong patient
  • Wrong pack size
  • Change in supplied quantity
  • Transcribing errors
  • Previous part supplies

...and so much more!

patient register

Patient Returns Register

CDsmart makes patient returns easy.

Recording patient returns is quick and simple, and you can see from a single glance any controlled drugs that still require destruction, ensuring your CD cupboard is kept clear and tidy.

personlise register

Personalize Your Register

You can set access levels so you decide who can make CD entries or you can set whether invoice numbers and prescription IDs are mandatory

...and much, much more!

super fast

Super Fast Balance Checks

Are balance checks taking too long?

CDsmart makes checking balances a piece of cake - improving compliance!

Just count your tablets and click confirm, get the idea.

register colour

Set Register colour

CDsmart allows you to colour your registers, so you won’t mistakenly select the wrong register, such as:

  • Zomorph 10 mg vs 100 mg
  • Normal methadone vs sugar-free methadone
auto calculation

Auto Calculation of Manufacturer’s Overage

Manufacturer’s overages are expected when dispensing methadone. Be rest assured, CDsmart will automatically work out the percentage and report anything exceeding the acceptable value to the superintendent!

stock alerts

High/Low Stock Alerts

CDsmart will alert you if stock levels fall below a set quantity or if you should remove that extra box from the order page that’ll needlessly cost you £120!

excessive supply

Excessive Supply Detection

If a patient is being prescribed CD’s more frequently than expected, CDsmart will notify you, allowing you to safeguard the patient by bringing this to the attention of the prescriber

tranfer save

Transfer & Save Money

CDsmart identifies:

  • Unused controlled drugs
  • Period unused for Value
  • Other branches in group that frequently use the CD

When linked to Transfersmart, CDsmart will transfer the stock for you and save you a heap load!

Key Features

bulk destroy

Bulk Destroy Expired Drugs

With a click of a button you can see a list of all expired controlled drugs that are awaiting destruction.

Our aim is to make the destruction process as quick and seamless as possible.

audit registers

Audit Registers for Compliance & Good Practice

You can see a list of all the registers you have previously audited and what improvements were suggested to the dispensary team.

CDsmart also allows you to randomly select a register to audit during your next visit

audit registers

View Previous Destructions

CDsmart keeps a log of all previously controlled drug destructions witnessed by an inspector. This shows:

  • Who was the witness
  • Who destroyed the drugs
  • Time & date
  • Quantity destroyed
  • Whether the balance was confirmed
  • post destruction
search entries

Search all entries across all registers - even across the group!

You can set access levels so you decide who can make CD entries, or you can set whether invoice numbers and prescription IDs are mandatory

...and much, much more!

follow every step

Follow Every Step

Pharmsmart’s innovative two-step login process means that every action a user takes is logged. This means complete auditability.

CDsmart therefore, allows nefarious activity to be quickly discovered, and we’re proud to say CDsmart has resulted in the identification of theft in several cases!

inspection Notes

Inspection Notes

You can document your observations or concerns such as' patient returned drugs mixed with pharmacy stock’. The next visiting inspector will be able to see this note and assess whether remedial actions have been taken.

Better communication = Better safety


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