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Version control, quizzes, sharing facility
...and so much more!

Key Features

Create SOPs in bulk

SOPsmart allows you to create single SOPs or create multiple SOPs in one go - making getting started quick and easy!

create in bulk

Ensure every SOP is read and signed

As soon as a member of staff logs in that has not signed an SOP, they will be prompted to read and electronically sign the SOPs.

ensure sop

Track who signed and when

SOPsmart keeps a clear log of who signed the SOP and when it was signed. This way you can ensure 100% compliance.

signin track

Your SOP Review is Due!

SOPsmart will alert you when your SOP is due for a review. SOPsmart creates clear audit trails of why and how the SOP has evolved over time.

sop review

Share SOPs with Locums

Give temporary or permanent access to locums so they can sign your SOPs remotely before coming to the dispensary.

sop locums

Part of a Group?

If SOPs are signed in one branch, they’ll get signed across the group too so you don’t have to sign the SOPs in every branch you work!

part of group

Keep Staff Updated!

Issued a new SOP or updated an SOP to a new version? Your branches, regular staff, and locums will be notified immediately via email so they can read & sign from the premises or from home.

updated staff

Version Control

The SOP Manager keeps a record of historical versions, review dates, and reasons why a version was updated - maintaining a perfect audit of SOP activity.

version control

Assign SOPs to Positions

Why does the driver need to waste time reading and signing the SOP for flu vaccination injections? Let’s optimize SOPs! Simply assign SOPs to relevant staff positions.

sop positions

Create Quizzes!

Wouldn’t it be great if you can test the understanding of a Standard Operating Procedure before it is signed?

Well...look no further.

create quizzes

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