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Monitor compliance from
one easy place.

Key Features

remote monitor

Remotely Monitor

General Compliance

  • Missed RP Log entries
  • Missed Temperature Log entries
  • Persistent Temperature Log errors

CD Compliance

  • Overdue CD balance checks
  • Backlog of patient returned CDs
  • Expired CDs
  • Expensive Unused CDs

Patient Safety

  • Unactioned patient safety alerts
  • Unactioned monthly patient safety
  • reports
  • Near miss analysis
  • Dispensing incidents
  • Prescribing Interventions


  • SOP compliance by branch
  • SOP compliance by staff
automated incident analysis

Automated Incident Analysis

The Head Office is jam packed with useful reports and an incredibly powerful patient safety analysis area that automates the analysis of near misses and dispensing incidents - breaking them down so the data is digestible.

Love data. Love analysis. Love Pharmsmart.

patient safety alerts

Send your own Patient Safety Alerts

You can set any national patient safety alerts to be held in a holding area - allowing you to customise the action required before sending these out to your branches.

You can also upload and send your own patient safety alerts.

branches managers

Assign Branches to Area Managers

Assigns groups or individual branches to area managers.

When they log in the Head Office account, they will only see the data of their branches - giving them full visibility.

An industry specific case manager
like never before.

Key Features

case routing

Case Routing

Cases are routed to the best case handler by using a powerful algorithm determined by:

  • Assigned case types
  • Assigned priority ranges
  • Assigned branches/groups
  • Annual leave
  • Working days/hours
artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

When an incident has been reported, Pharmsmart will identify key intelligence that may support you in your investigations. Pharmsmart AI displays:

  • Pattern of the same incident types at the branch
  • Pattern of all other incident types at the branch
  • If there have been other incidents at other branches involving the same staff

...and so much more!

case priority

Set Case Priority

Set a list of keywords or parameters that add a priority weight to a reported case.

Cases with greater priority levels will be prioritized for management by the case handler.

You can also automatically close cases that have been marked as ‘resolved in branch’ and do not meet a certain priority threshold - saving you significant man-hours in your head office!

request statment

Request a Statement

If you require further information from a staff member or locum, you can send them a list of questions you’d like them to answer.

They can also upload any documents or pictures to support their answers.

share cases externally

Share Cases Externally

Pharmsmart allows you to share case reports securely with external bodies such as your insurance provider. You can also revoke access anytime.


End-to-End Feedback

Once a case has been closed, you can send feedback to the branch that reported the incident, such as complimenting them on detailed reporting or suggesting an improvement if the branch is to report an incident again.

incident type

Set Default Tasks & Deadlines For Specific Incident Types

Setting default tasks ensures case handlers do not miss any crucial steps when investigating an incident, and no deadlines are missed!

root analysis

Request Root Cause Analysis

If the branch reporting an incident has not completed a root cause analysis, you can send them a request to complete this.


Auto Removal of Sensitive Data (GDPR Compliant)

You can set data retention periods for certain sets of data so as soon as the date is reached, any sensitive information will be automatically removed.

Once the data becomes anonymized, you can still continue to run analysis for trends, etcetera.

Isn’t that just handy?


Report to PSIMS

Pharmsmart allows you to quickly submit incidents to the NHS Patient Safety Incident Management System.

Therefore no need to double report.


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