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Automatic patient safety analysis
...and so much more!

Key Features

safety alerts

National Patient Safety Alerts

It's important that you’re up-to-date with the latest issues affecting your patients - whether it's an MHRA Recall or a Drug Safety Update, Reportsmart will ensure you will never miss an alert again.

If you’re a Head Office, you can:

  • Place alerts in a holding area, to be edited before releasing them to your branches
  • Send your own alerts
record incidents

Record Incidents

Reportsmart breaks down the barriers to recording, making logging quick and easy:

Near Misses
Dispensing Incidents
Prescribing Incidents
Maintenance Requests
Data Breach (GDPR)

powerful analysis

Powerful Analysis

Has Jane made multiple inhalers near misses? Reportsmart is great for ongoing staff appraisals and identifying key areas for improvement and identifying training needs.

Quick or in-depth analysis at your fingertips.


Share with your Medication Safety Officer

Report your incidents with your Medication Safety Officer anonymously with a click of a button. We learn through mistakes and we improve practice through learning.

quickly record

Quickly record near misses on your phone!

Dispensary computers aren’t always free.

So simply print off your site’s QR code and stick these at key dispensing points.

Anytime a near miss occurs, scan the code and report away - no login required!

A case study showed 65% increase in reporting. Isn’t that lovely?

root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

The root cause analysis feature will be triggered after an incident has been reported so you can complete:

  • 5 Why’s
  • Fishbone Model
  • Record planned remedial action(s) to prevent reoccurrence and review their success rate
case manager

Case Manager

All incidents are linked to a powerful Case Manager in the Head Office, meaning the superintendent is informed immediately of any incidents.


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